This blog has been created to document the planning and execution as it is happening, a bike ride across the USA for charity. I will update it on a regular basis to keep people informed and a tool for myself to keep going. Namaste.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Training and What the hell am I going to take with me?

Exciting news, I purchased my new baby. My bicycle that is that I will be taking on my journey. A Rocky Mountain Solo Cyclocross bike. I took it out today for a smooth 40 mi ride through some CT farmland. It was awesome! I had some headwinds at times, it can be quite fatiguing to ride into the wind. Thank god I decided to go east to west, that's all I gotta say. From here on in I am going to aim to do some long rides 3-4 days a week and short ones into town to run errands and such. I can feel my body getting stronger....what an awesome feeling.

One thing, the more I ride and the busier and anxious I get, the more yoga I need to practice and meditating I need. I constantly have a list of what to get done in my head, which is really more distracting and then I can't get anything done. I have even been putting a limit on my practice. Time management has been somewhat of a struggle for me. I like to wait til the last minute, I work really well under pressure (ahhhh, another thing I am good at but not trained for!) But the limiting my practice is why exactly I need to give myself that time, other wise I am too scattered and don't focus on the things of most importance. More yoga, more yoga, more yoga!

It has been interesting to think about what I am going to take on this trip. It has really tripped me up on some levels. To think about living off of a bicycle for 4 months is pretty crazy awesome. What do I need to survive? My abode will be a 2 person tent, sleeping bag, a little stove, food (VT Peanut Butter and Raw Rev bars:), clothing (Be Present yoga clothing, hoodie, riding shorts, jeans, Chaco's, riding shoes, bathing suit, underwear, socks, maybe a couple t's and tanks, one dress, hmmmmm?), ipod, computer (im getting a small one mainly for blogging and pics) and the hardest one-Fiddle. How the heck am I going to get that thing on my bike. Gotta work on that one. Oh and journal and a book. I know there is more, but how much can I honestly type down. You get the picture. 4 months wearing the same clothes, it's kinda nice not having to figure out what to where. If its cold, I got one hoodie....oh and a rain coat. EMS paclite is great!

I just had dinner at my dear friend Moniques house with her fam, which was awesome. Monique and I went to dwntwn Mystic to get ice cream....My belly has just fired me.

Thank you for supporting me and my ride!

Ride The Wave of Change,


Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's been a while....Lots happening

Ok, where to start. Since the arrival of my t-shirts, which seems to be the last time I blogged, I have recieved more orders and more t-shirts. Holding up my end of the bargain to keep this blog updated has seemed to take a back seat. Enough of the judging.

I have recieved more t-shirts, different colors this time. Orange and Oatmeal. A bunch will be shipped out this week. If you want one, email me at They are $18 a shirt. All proceeds to be donated to charity.

A while back I made it to EMS to buy some seriously good stuff on clearance and 40% off that. Over $300 worth of stuff for $130. I was pysched. Upon telling them what I was doing, riding my bicycle across America for charity for those of you who are just tuning in, they were pretty jazzed. They have invited me to be a part of their club day later this month. Here I will be selling my shirts and raising awareness for the my ride and the charities. More specifically here at this event I will be talking about Surfrider and the what they are doing in CT. Read more here There new store is opening in Waterford, CT. Recieve 20%off. April 23rd and 24th!!

One of my new sponsors is Raw Revolution. They make energy bars that are made up of raw ingredients, meaning that they are most nutrient dense due to the fact there is no heating or cooking in the process of making them. They are amazing. I am excited to endorse their product!!

Also, I have partnered up with VT Peanut Butter Company. They are by far the best peanut butter I have come across, and I eat a lot of peanut butter. I saw on their website that they sponsor professional and amateur athletes on the competitive level. Immediately I got excited. I did realize however that I was not a competitive athlete, but I was doing something cool and loved their product, so why not reach out. Well, they bit!! I am grateful and honored.

As far as teaching goes, I will be teaching at Sellwood Yoga in Portland, Oregon on my birthday, June 6 at 1-3 pm. I will be guest teaching a 2 hour vinyasa where all money goes to charity.

Lastly, I was just interviewed by Ethan Austin, the co-founder of He reached out to me last week. He has posted the interview on his blog at Check it out. Ethan is certainly a cool person who aside from co-founding Give Forward, the online web page that I am using to donate through, he also volunteers for Climate Cycle, which raises money to put solar panels on schools in Chicago. Oh and he ran a marathon in a banana costume!

My breakfast: sauteed veggies with farm fresh eggies paired with sprouted rye manna bread with raw almond butter.

Til next time...which I promise won't be as too far out.

Plant a tree, smile at a stranger and remember to have compassion for yourself.