This blog has been created to document the planning and execution as it is happening, a bike ride across the USA for charity. I will update it on a regular basis to keep people informed and a tool for myself to keep going. Namaste.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Moving Along....Slowly

So, my website is in the process of being built, I have reached out in getting a video done of me, looking for a 3rd party fundraising site so people can donate online, emailing, t-shirts and the list certainly doesn't stop there...there is so much to do. But, there is only so much I can do. I feel as though things are moving slower than I would like them to. I don't think the coffee is helping me find a sense of calm in all this. I am also trying to write bio's and copy for my website and my mind seems jumbled with so many thoughts that I can't seem to focus on what is on front of me. I think I need to take a break and do something just for the sake of having fun....not that this planning isn't fun....because it is. But we all need balance, right? Right.

And what on earth did I burn my tongue on?

I think I am going to twirl in the snow.

Til next time.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

T-Shirts, Website and Peanut Butter

It's been a few day's since my last entry. Since my last entry I have ordered my t-shirts with my logo...which looks amazing!!! Organic cotton, sage green with chocolate screen print. So pysched! I will start selling them in yoga classes on line where ever. Who wants a shirt?!!

I think I have secured the name of my ride as well. I am not revealing it until it is officially mine. Waiting on my friend Missy, who does my websites. And that's another exciting website will hopefully be up by the end of this week, providing I get all the necessary info. is My dear friend Abbey who is an amazing photographer will be doing my pictures for the website. All of this planning is fun and exciting.

Tonight I am showing the Playing for Change Documentary at the Bean and Leaf in New London, CT. I am pretty excited and nervous about that.

And yes peanut is one of my most favorite foods along with pesto. my new favorite is Vermont Peanut Butter-Maple Peanut Butter with Dried Apple. It goes nicely on bread with, yup you guessed it, sardines!! Just kidding....banana's of coarse!!

Short and sweet.

Peace, Light and Love,


Friday, February 12, 2010

Playing for Change Music Event to happen in May

So, I had an awesome meeting with my dear friend Jonas today. His sister Janelle (sp?) sat in as well, which was a huge help. Jonas has been a good friend for over a year now, who I trust and admire. He worked for Sonalyst studios for many years in production. Since departing there he has pursued his painting career, music and still dabbles in local event planning for th New London area. His sister, Janelle has just become a resident of New London. She wasn't was supposed to be at the meeting, but I am sure glad she was eavesdropping as her input was invaluable!
In efforts to raise money, awareness and support for what I am doing, I am planning a fundraising event in May. It is a Playing for Change music event, where I will get local and semi-local music artists to come and play at a particular venue. I envision a place where we can all come together, listen to some great live music and support some great charities. There will be some other cool 'happenings' as well. Since I have never planned an event, I knew I needed assistance.
I wanted to get an idea of the order in which to get things done. The first seemed obvious to me....the venue. We started brainstorming different venues....we'll see which ones pan out. With that comes a lot of considerations, like indoor vs. outdoor, rain, sound systems, stages, how many people do I plan on attending and the list goes on. Manageable seemed to be the one word on my mind. I don't want to get in over my head here.
Next on the list is to nail down all the musicians that are interested and available. I already have people interested, which is awesome. One band, with whom I love and are friends, Barefoot Truth have agreed to play. WOOOHOOOO! Following the confirmation of bands comes the performance schedule and then to advertise. It seems so easy, but I am not expecting it to be. Knock on wood.
Aside from this we also talked about alternative ways to raise money. I am planning on getting t-shirts made with my logo. The logo is awesome....picture it a yogi in tree pose standing on a bike. It's pretty awesome.
I wish I could write more....but I have to get ready for work.
Just had a great salad for lunch-greens, fresh herbs, red peppers, cukes, avocado, celery, sauteed shitake mushrooms. And for dessert-A spoonful of VT's own Stowe Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter while listening to Barefoot Truth's Spoonful.
Signing off feeling energized,

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Playing for Change:Peace Through Music Documentary

There is an awesome documentary the Playing for Change organization has put together. I am showing it at the Bean and Leaf, an organic fair trade coffee shop in New London, CT on February 21, 2010 at 6pm. It is a Sunday evening. I am excited to show it. It doesn't cost anything to attend. However, my riding partner Ken and I will be accepting any donations that people are willing to offer.

I will give a brief introduction of the documentary and what I am doing. Introduce Ken and myself. I will also pass around a clip board so if anyone wants to be on my email list to keep updated on my travels and planning.

Today I am going to print out the flyer that I have and begin posting them, I have a bit over a week to get the word out. Good thing the Bean and Leaf has some decent following, especially on a Sunday evening. I am expecting people to watch this just by default at being in the right place at the right time!!

That's about it for today.

I ate my leftovers for breakfast.....Rice pasta with broccoli, sugar snap peas, carrots, shallots, garlic, grape tomatoes and olive oil followed by some kitchari. I am feeling satiated.

Peace, Light and Love,


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Permission to move forward

I have just returned back from teaching a week long yoga retreat in Mexico. Prior to Mexico, I felt as though I was being pulled in many different directions without a clear idea of how to prioritize my priorities. I became very ungrounded. I guess 2 weeks at a retreat center on the pacific coast of Mexico can really give someone perspective, it sure did it for me.

Throughout my experience away, and having many conversations with my dear friend and co-teacher Lauren, we both were excited to get back to our lives and continue building on the foundations we have rooted into the ground. Now that the retreat was here and coming to a close I felt as though I had permission to move forward with the planning of my ride across America.

So, I have been back for 3 days now and have a momentum that I haven't quite felt before. I am just hoping that i can keep the inertia of this momentum. I met with my friend Missy who has co-created with my friend Jessie and me to get my flyers ready to be printed. They are what I will be using to post anything for my ride ie. workshops I will teach for yoga, events that I plan, to be placed on jars in local businesses...things of that nature.

Next, is to create a website for the ride as well as gaining support locally and nationally, plugging myself into the global community if you will. There is resistance that I feel for sure, but that is coupled with the excitement and the understanding of the process. What is it to be without resistance? Stagnant, a place where there is no growth. To be aware of our resistances and then to be in the inquiry of why they are there is where we find the expansion of ourselves. So I will continue to "chop wood every day" (thanks Nathan for that quote). I am working on using Twitter as a tool to create another way of gaining support. Any help is most welcome. Once I have established my website and feel confident in that, the next phase is to begin the process of sponsorship.

I find that the more I talk about this ride, people have a lot to say. And by saying, I mean opinions, questions, concerns, advice etc. Quickly I have learned, it's all part of the package. Also, what I am learning, is that I need support and help, but I also need to so what feels right and to pay attention to myself. I am incredibly grateful to all the support I have had thus far and continue draft.

Time for breakfast.

Peace, Light and Love,