This blog has been created to document the planning and execution as it is happening, a bike ride across the USA for charity. I will update it on a regular basis to keep people informed and a tool for myself to keep going. Namaste.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The top of one mountain is only the bottom of another.

I am sitting on the couch that started it all. A year and a half ago I traded this oh so comfortable couch for a road bike, although it was completely unforseeable at the time that I would e taking a bicycle ride across America. It is still hard to believe that I have ridden my bike from Seattle to CT, but alas, I am home.

There are 17 more miles that Purple Toes, the name of my Rocky Mountain Cyclecross bike has to make before she will be retired, for this trip anyway. The ride concludes at the Bean & Leaf at 5:30 today. Ken and I will ride right there to friends and family to talk and share stories of certainly the most epic adventure i have had to date.

Ken, aka Bunk, aka Fred Flintstone (if you read this, you can ask me tonight why), has re-united with me this in Damariscotta, ME to finish the ride out. We met on Monday and rode out Tuesday. I think that it really started to sink in that the ride was coming to an end and fast with only 250 more miles to ride. Ken and I had a lovely and FUN ride along the coast back to CT. Well technically I haven't made it into CT yet. One exception, Boston, MA was the pits to ride through. The most tension, pissed off drivers I have come across yet. I was glad to be done for the day, greeted with home brew from my friend Harsh.

To be honest, it has been hard to stay as present with riding into such familiar territory and being so close to the conclusion of the ride. There has been much contemplation as to what is next, which few has presented themselves as far as making a living. It is so interesting how quickly my mind has me into the next endeavour when I haven't even completed this one. Something I am sure we are all too familiar with and a great reason as to why i practice yoga and meditate.

So here I stand, having accomplished something that I have set out to do. It feels amazing and scary a bit as I make a transition into my next phase.

Come down to the Bean and Leaf and celebrate life and love!!!

In peace, light and love,


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