This blog has been created to document the planning and execution as it is happening, a bike ride across the USA for charity. I will update it on a regular basis to keep people informed and a tool for myself to keep going. Namaste.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Over 4,000 miles....really?

It is hard for me to believe that I have biked over 4,000 miles and by the time I am done it will be 5,000. I am in the home stretch of the journey with 9 days to go and still much to experience between now and then.

I am in Vermont and I love it here. The scenery is amazing, rolling hills and mountains that are covered with trees, farms, and a culture of people that seem to really value community and supporting one another.

I rode out of NY to Killington, VT to see my favorite band. Yes, if you know me at all you know that Barefoot Truth is on the top of my list not to mention good friends. As I spoke with Jay, the guitarist of the band, trying to determine how much further I had in relation to where they were, he told me I had some hills to climb. Well, I think to myself, I am in damn good shape by now. I have biked across the continent, after all. That was the 2nd time I walked my bike. The mountains, not hills that lay before certainly had much to teach me about humility that day. However, as I am riding, correction, walking my bike the last leg of the mountain, i hear the sweet sound of Garrett's harmonica singing to the tune of their new song OK. My mind ringing with the thought "Meaghan, I will be damned if you are going to WALK your bike into a BFT show, now ride girl!!!". And ride I did.

The next day was I was bursting with excitement as I was riding a mere 40 miles north to stay at the sweet anticipated treehouse in Lincoln, VT. 40 miles, no problem, except for the mountain that lay between me and the hamlet of Lincoln. If I had only known, I would have navigated my way through another route, but ignorance I don't believe to be bliss this time around. I pushed my bike with the weight of 50# worth of gear up 3 miles of the steepest mountain I have come across yet. And down the mountain too, as the road was bumpy, gravelly, windy and treacherous. The view was stunning though. I most certainly declare that to be the most physically challenging part of my journey. All worth it, as I arrived and Ellie and H's haven in the fern wood forest where I rested my head to the sweetest smell of a TREEHOUSE!!! My dream has been realized, partially anyway. Next live in one.

As soon as I arrived at the treehouse, i knew that one night was not going to be enough. As that thought entered my mind, Ellie suggested I stay another day. Of course, without hesitation I obliged. Both mornings I got to share my love of yoga with Ellie and H as I guided them through a practice overlooking the Green Mountains. My rest day was spent swimming in the river, reading, yoga, dinner, hot tub, and feeling so loved. Upon my departure and blessing the beauty that Ellie and H have created, I knew that it would not be the last time I would be there.

In all efforts to avoid climbing over another pass or gap as it is referred to in VT, I made my way to Burlington to stay with my friend Garrett's mom. Unexpected visit, but really great. I ate well, slept well, shared stories and a yoga practice with her, before i took off to Montpelier where I now reside. I arrived yesterday here. I have been here once before and loved the smallest capitol in the US.

Today I venture off to Lancaster, NH before hitting ME on Friday. It is hitting me that my ride is coming to a close. With the balance of living on the road, organizing a wrap up party, which is scheduled to be held at the Bean & Leaf in New London, CT on 9/12 at 530, blogging and fundraising.....well it's just that, a balance.

I have no idea what is next for me. Farming, yoga, serving, family, pottery, tambourine player....I await the answer. Until then, I will ride hard and share my heart.

Om shanti,


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